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Our passion is to offer you memorable experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. We are here to help you travel, live and start your dream business in a tiny home!


Inspired by the tiny house movement, we set out to support the community of people passionate about tiny homes, right here in Romania. How? We are developing the first autonomous tiny homes where you can live or experience this way of life in the heart of the Maramures mountains. And we don't just stop here. We offer entrepreneurs new opportunities to open or expand their business. Through mobile homes, your business will always be flexible and close to customers. A tiny home is more than a mobile home. It's a lifestyle!


We are a Romanian manufacturer of tiny homes / mobile homes with light metal structure. The boxes we produce are 100% mobile. In everything we do we are guided by principles based on modularity, flexibility, quality, sustainability and multifunctional design.


We build mobile homes, unique in Romania, based on 4 key principles: 1. We offer tiny houses on light metal structure with durability for over 50 years 2. We design modular, efficient, intuitive, multi-functional and modern tiny homes 3. We integrate solutions Smart Automation for Google / Alexa Smart Home 4. We use quality, ECO and sustainable building materials


We are a team of young people motivated and passionate about the concept of tiny home and the creation of a beautiful community, here in Romania. We have more than 15 years of international experience, both academically and professionally. Our core expertise is in structural engineering, IT, management, architecture and design. Through the Tiny Home Romania project we are determined to turn your dreams into reality!


We have built a form with some basic questions to help us understand your needs and requirements. Based on this form, we will build an initial design and an indicative price offer. If you want a price quote or to work together on a custom design for a tiny home.

Sustainable living and dreaming - Tiny Home Romania

If you are interested in tiny homes, want more information or want to join our community, write to us using the data below:


Baia Sprie, Maramures, Romania




About the Tiny Homes we produce

Which tiny home is best for me?
Discovering which Tiny House is best for you is a long process. There are many aspects that we must establish together to have the final design, but we are here to help you turn your dream into reality. The easiest way is to leave us an email, message or call us to discuss your tiny homes needs. Together with the architects from our design team you will be able to choose the desired models and dimensions. Both the interior and the exterior of a tiny home can be customized according to your requirements.
Do you deliver tiny empty or turnkey homes?
Both options are possible. Depending on your requirements and budget, we offer 3 types of tiny homes - variant 1 Tiny Shell - contains only walls and plumbing and electrical installations; variant 2 Tiny Deluxe - contains standard furniture where you have the opportunity to customize interior / exterior according to your style; and version 3 - Tiny Smart Deluxe - option that contains all the previous options, smart technology installations and off-grid systems.
How long does it take to build a tiny home? Is it a waiting list?
Delivery times are between 60-90 days from the confirmation of the final design, signing the contract and paying the advance. The easiest way is to contact us, and depending on our production capacity and the number of orders we can confirm the delivery times.
How much deposit do I have to pay to buy a tiny home?
The deposit is 50% of the tiny home value. This guarantees and ensures a production slot and a delivery date that suits you. After paying the deposit, we can start the design process, order the trailer and start the Tiny House design process together.
What is the cost of a tiny home?
The costs can vary greatly depending on your needs, but the indicative costs are between 20,000 EURO and can reach up to 60,000 EURO +. Factors that greatly influence the costs are: trailer, size, level of equipment, smart electrical installations, utilities and off-grid connection systems, window size, etc. But in this whole process, we will not be able to compromise on quality. More specifically, the structure, the construction and the insulation of the mobile homes ensure their quality and your comfort to be able to live 365 days a year, regardless of the season. This is an extremely important principle to have sustainable houses!
Do you also build modular houses or houses without a trailer?
Our passion is to build tiny houses on wheels (THOW). In the near future we will focus our efforts and production on this niche due to the high demand, as well as the benefits that this way of living and traveling brings. If you are interested in oversized or modular houses that exceed the dimensions of 2.55 width, 4 m height, then we can guide you to a design that consists of several mobile tiny homes or recommend one of our partners who can help you.
Why does the maximum weight of a tiny home have to be 3500 kg?
Our houses are 100% mobile - which means that they can be transported on roads in Romania and Europe without additional authorizations because: 1. We respect the overall dimensions in transport and 2. We are within the maximum permissible weight of 3500 kg in transport for that the tiny home can be transported with the driving category B + E. The transport of a tiny home requires a lot of experience, so if you are not used to driving large cars / trailers we recommend you to use our transport services or a carrier authorised.
Custom design

Do you build tiny homes to order and customized?
Yes - we offer this interior / exterior design and design service according to your requirements and budget. We have a well-designed design process and a presentation brochure in which we explain every step of the journey on the road to having the Tiny Home of your dreams. The first step is to leave us an email, message on WhatsApp or call us and we will assist you according to your needs. One thing you need to consider is that a completely new design, untested or delivered by our team requires extra time and an additional cost of up to 20% compared to the standard models we have implemented.
I like your tiny home but can I make some adjustments to it?
Of course! Contact us and we will consult what we can do to transform a tiny house into a tiny home!

How do I connect to the water?
Like conventional caravans, our mobile homes are equipped with a standard connection for water supply (similar to a garden hose). Alternatively, we can offer both tiny or adjacent water tanks, as well as rainwater storage and filtration pumps at an additional cost. This way you will be able to be completely off-grid (independent of connecting to network utilities)
How do I connect to gas?
Depending on each tiny for heating, hot water and stove we can install systems that connect to gas cylinders. Connecting to the gas network is not currently possible for the tinies we produce at Mobile Tiny Home.
How do I connect to electricity?
All the mobile homes we produce operate on an external power supply (external socket) connected to a safety panel. The Tiny home can therefore be connected using an electric cable just like a traditional caravan. You will not need an electrician for the connection, but only an extension cable. Also, depending on your requirements and budget we can add additional solar panel systems.
How do I connect to the sewer?
Most of our tiny homes are equipped with a standard toilet like the one you have at home. For discharges, it is your responsibility to obtain permission to connect to the sewer or septic tank. As alternative options we can offer black water tanks. But there are other more environmentally friendly / simple options - we can install and supply waterless composting toilets that do not require a connection. Also, depending on the budget, we can offer toilet solutions with burning and dehydration.
What options do you offer for heating your mobile home?
The mobile homes are very well insulated and are very efficient. This means that installing underfloor heating is the most recommended option. We can also include dual-function air conditioning systems for cooling and heating, as well as wood stoves or electric radiators.
Is it possible to live in a tiny home for the winter type? What kind of insulation do you use?
Yes - you can live in tiny homes produced by us 365 days a year, regardless of the season. The efficiency coefficient for walls, ceiling and floor is 0.32 w / mK. As the main source of insulation we use ECO sheep wool, treated fireproof and against insects. In addition we have another 7 layers of insulation of the walls of the metal structure for breaking the thermal barriers, anti-condensation, anti-vapor, ventilation and internal and external coverings.

How long does it take to deliver a tiny home?
Depending on availability, we execute the implementation part in 60-90 days from signing the contract, completing the design and paying the advance of 50% from the value of the mobile home.
Why does delivery take so long?
Lately, the requirements for specialized transport trailers for tiny homes have increased from 14 to 16 weeks.

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