We start the story of Tiny Home Romania!

Yes, we are officially starting the story of Tiny Home Romania! ⠀

We have an extraordinary vision and big plans to set up a community of mobile homes, right here in Romania.

"What this means ..?" .. Well, we will have to work together to make that dream a reality

In the coming weeks and months, we will share our journey from concept to design and planning to the implementation of what we call our first smart tiny house. ”

So if you are thinking of building a mobile home for yourself, buying one to live in, shopping for a business or just want to find out about this concept and lifestyle .. then you are exactly where suitable! ⠀

We want to grow together and share all this with you here on the blog.

One thing we would greatly appreciate from you, please support our content, so that we can lay the foundations of a Tiny Home Community in Romania! ⠀

About the same for now - but we hope to turn this design into reality as soon as possible.

Don't miss out!

Join the tiny community in Romania and find out about our journey to build a tiny home, latest products and tiny experiences ..

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